Triangle Compounding Offers:


The pharmacy is accredited by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board.

This means our pharmacy:

  • Has passed an extensive on-site inspection.
  • Meets or exceeds rigorous national standards.
  • Uses only the highest quality chemicals and equipment.
  • Utilizes a continuous quality improvement system.
  • Employs a highly qualified staff.

We offer free shipping* for most medications. We also offer delivery services and Federal Express delivery.

Customer Service

Our pharmacists and staff strive to exceed your expectations. We are available to answer your questions and help in any way we can.

What is Compounding?

Everyone is not the same, and sometimes people and pets need medications that are not the same as everyone else’s. They are prepared by a pharmacist to meet an individual’s unique needs as determined by the prescriber. Compounded medications are necessary for a variety of reasons.

Examples include:

  • When a child needs a dose smaller than the manufactured dose.
  • When a patient cannot tolerate an inactive ingredient in a manufactured medicine.
  • When a manufactured medicine has been discontinued for economic reasons.
  • When a medication needs to be customized to your individual needs.

A written prescription from a licensed physician, provider or veterinarian is required for compounded medications

* Free Shipping via the U.S. Postal Service on items stored at room temperature.

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