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***Triangle Compounding Pharmacy (TCP) is pleased to announce that we have recently merged with a leading development-stage company, Panaceutics, Inc., of Research Triangle Park, NC.  Panaceutics is focused on automating production of personalized medicine under cGMP manufacturing standards – a mission that clearly fits well within the goals and objectives of TCP and our clients. Panaceutics’ on-demand robotic system rapidly makes personalized monthly subscriptions of “pill free” suspensions combining up to 20 active ingredients in a tasty puree filled pouch. Panaceutics and TCP intend to develop online formulation tools that enable doctors to create individually customized combinations to replace multiple pill regimens and to develop personalized medicine for individual patients.

We strongly believe this is the future of drug delivery and will exponentially improve patient compliance. In the future our services will be enhanced and expanded due to our ability to devote resources to research and development in the form of a web ordering portal and integration of the Panaceutics automation system which will enable us to rapidly compound personalized prescriptions.Thank you for your loyalty to our company.  We look forward to expanding the services and expertise we will offer to our customers and providers to meet patient needs. For inquiries please contact us at 866-858-0809. You can visit www.panaceutics.com for additional information.

Danny Barnes, President


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